The Song of Jean

Jean Headline.png

Part 1:

The sun will never not shine out a beam
When present is the E’ko E’ni Jean
Her kindred mandate living in the dunes
Jean would deny and leave behind quick soon
Along the coast fish towns in numbers be
The E’set E’ni of the South sought she
Her uncle there did give sweet Jean a taste
Of life spent in production of fish paste
On time a-many Jean went with to E’j
To sell, and see life past the mountain hedge
Found she out about the lands from story
She heard them all from pleasant to gorey
And lost was she one day in such a tale
When word came of her Father who’d gone frail
A hurried haste possessed that day her hind
And those she passed decided nevermind
Her mother her received and told her straight
Her father was resigned he was to fate
But Jean she was there before ’twas too late
Her father taught her to pain satiate
The use and skill and art of nunchaku
And told her masters wield not one but two
Her kindred she protects with speed and skill
Good Good ’twas her father’s dying will
Sad was Jean was changed but outward shone
Her father’s spirit in her never gone

Part 2:

The time did come when outside beckoned Jean
She longed for new things as of yet unseen
“My family be well, I’m on my way!”
Then with speed and excitement left that day
She knew of Forest Folk who had her told
Come down and visit the great trees of old
So Jean did move in and up in the trees
She felt the refreshingly peaceful breeze
One day heard she a strange cry far away
Upon the hear her conscience could not stay
She stole across the forest quite unseen
And found nearby a Giant Insectine
It thrashed and kicked and cried most brutally
But Jean could see the heart more profoundly
She spied a nest that within lacked an egg
She set out fast ta’en fast by nimble leg
And then she found the egg and felt dismay
For in the hands of bandits did it lay
An indignation bubbled in Jean’s vein
That such a thing could happen such a stain
The weapon she’d equipped she used so well
The bandits knew not what on their heads fell
“Woe is me! Alas! Forget this noise!”
“That’s right, you cowards! Keep on running, boys!”
Now Jean did hold the egg and take it back
But, lo! What ho! The egg did start to crack!
From in it came two ones, not one but two
She looked now upon twins I swear to you
They looked at her expectant of mother
“Dear ones! ‘Tis not me! Yours is another.”
Began then they to chirp and squeak their song
The mom returned their call before too long
Jean found her and returned the babies straight
Joys and joys she’d made it ‘fore too late
The forest ne’er forgets that done within
Jean was thanked and thence was welcomed in
The thankful mother offered her a home
And Jean accepted. What a chance to roam!
And thus did Jean become an Insectine
In Honorary fashion, do I mean
From thence she lived with them and learned their ways
And warded off all bandits and all knaves

Part 3:

The magnificent insects of the wood
Taught Jean much more than any other could
But before she could learn abandoned she
Her old thoughts, ideas, ideology
Some had told her the Insectine were beasts
Creatures that featured children in their feasts
Seeing them truly for herself she learned
Words spoken of the absent should be spurned
Her new family spoke with whistling song
Which with season became a deaf’ning throng
She learned fast but not with as much haste
As Peter and Gregor who always aced
Those were the names she knew those brothers by
The twins I mean who by the way could fly
At early age their wings sprouted and grew
Jean watched with envy as the brothers flew
One day they ventured out and they did see
A group of bandits climbing up a tree
They sought the eggs of the creatures up high
Which fetched a price much higher than the sky
Lives for money the bandits were such brutes
While they were there they even ate the fruits
Jean got there quick and drove them out so fast
That she felt she’d finally seen the last
But wo! Alas! The bandits did not cease
The price of these fine eggs did yet increase
One by one Jean chased away each foul group
Even when they returned in larger troop
Things were good and peaceful Jean was content
Insectine loved her as one heaven-sent

Part 4:

All would not bode well for our kind Jean
For there did come a powerful bandit team
She fought them with great vigour and great skill
But there was one with looks that could kill
Beaten in a moment was our hero
Whose confidence quickly dropped to zero
The bandit unmasked herself to reveal
A Nose Islander named Zev Jean could feel
That there was more to her than met the eye
Zev went to her and in her did confide
“In truth, I’m not a bandit. I’m disguised.
I seek the bandit base and its demise!
Your skill is impressive and may assist
In my attempts to make these brutes desist.”
Zev told Jean if they would together work
The bandits never would the forest irk
At once they made a deal and donned their masks
And got on right away with bandit tasks
They joined the other bandits and followed
To a distant place where hills were hollowed
The walls were wood and stood tall
For these how many trees had to fall?
They got in with the others and did flock
To see the Bandit King whom none did mock
He wore a mighty moustache ’twas all blue
Zev and Jean rolled their eyes at what men do
Off came their disguises the King was challenged
Zev said. “Jean, take him on, these I’ll manage.”
The Bandit King did draw his sword and cry
“Prepare yourself you fool, for now you die!”
Then Jean struck his moustache with such great speed
That right away he bowed and did concede
The hit had struck so hard it caused a cave-in
And left the poor old Bandit King clean-shaven


The forest was not raided anymore
The Insectine gave Jean a whistle call
If she used it they would hasten quick soon
To help her whether sun shone or the moon
Zev and Jean became pals real true good friends
And would follow each other to their ends
Zev led Jean to a village a strange place
Where she met a Mountish man named Beardface
There was an ancient, Rosebush was her name
And when she saw Jean come she did exclaim
“Yes. Yes. I remember now! ‘Twas that one!”
And this is where we begin the true fun
Rosebush saw in her a warrior fine
Deserving of the title 49
And thus did our Jean earn much much faster
Than anyone else the title Master
She wields her Nunchaku with speed and style
But she still has time for a kindly smile