The Song of Dojima

Dojima Headline

Part 1:

Beard Island Northern did suffer the pain
Of facing havoc on part of the Slain
Many chose to leave in search of new land
Among them there would be Dojima’s fam
Misfortune, terror distended the sea
But rescued they were by Nose Islandry
The Nosish did not pity them, for shame!
They saw drowning brothers, sisters the same
They welcomed them to their lands right away
And many of them remain to this day
And so they lived there their names now Moustache
For they were still Beards but the nosy class
Dojima grew up on the Southern side
A shy boy but with a strong sense of pride
He had a dear friend she was his first one
Nneka came near when the others would run
He loved her she was the one he’d give all
But her dreams were big while his were so small
She married a prince, a son of the King
Dojima sought knights who were practising
“Make me a knight, I would fight for this land!”
But laugh did the knights and clap went their hand
“You? Be a knight?” one mighty one scoffed
“Enter the field and your head will be off-ed!”
This knight was a legend, the boy could see that
And atop the knight’s head lay a straw hat
The Knight spied Dojima, not much muscle
Probably never been in a tussle
But nonetheless the knight passed him a sword
Alas for within no time was he floored
The knight then passed him a broom and he spake
Do us a favour now for your own sake
But the boy was stubborn “I’ll be a knight!”
The hatted knight laughed and chuckled “Yeah, right!”
Angered boy struck and off came the broom’s head
And then in fear of the knight’s strength he fled
Dojima zealously practiced each day
In hopes that he could the knight’s judgement belay
Go did he to the knight ceremony
Where the new young squires chosen would be
But that mighty knight did him see and laugh
As Dojima used the broke broom as a staff
“For you a special challenge there shall be
Taketh my straw hat here for all to see!”
The crowd did jeer and snicker and guffaw
This young one would surely soon be no more
Passed him a sword but Dojima refused
“My staff will suffice.” and this them amused
“Wait just a moment, within I see fire
Do this today I swear you’ll be my squire.”
But in the ruckus a pair went unseen
Who would it be but Princess and the Queen
All turned and bowed low without a quick think
Dojima’s friend Princess gave him a wink
Quickly and slyly Dojima shuffled
Reached out his staff not a straw was ruffled
When height to true full and foot to full flat
Dojima arose adorned with straw hat

Part 2:

That knight’s name was Laurence and he was tough
He made Dojima’s training extra rough
Life as a squire was hard work to be sure
More often than not his body was sore
Years passed Doj was no longer a young lad
But now his feelings were driving him mad
For he still loved his dear friend the Princess
“Oh, dear Nneka! How could I confess?”
But it wasn’t her looks or curls of hair
Though mind you her beauty was truly there
Dojima loved most of all her sharp wit
And how she always seemed aware of it
Knights trained his body and built his physique
While Nneka trained his mind with her mystique
Doj was becoming an all-rounder knight
And his mental strength was much more than slight
He could best the best with his bō staff
And dismiss words of the foolish as chaff
Soon came the day of their coming of age
Completing the task would earn their Knight Page
From thence Dojima could protect his land
And the one that he loved, as he had planned

Part 3:

To earn the Knight Page a knight must complete
With excellence their tasks and not be beat
The first of all the Knight’s challenges be
To prove one’s strength that they’re muscle-ly
‘Twas a cinch for Doj he lifted a rock
Of such great magnitude that it caused shock
The second challenge: a test of the mind
Doj was the first to leave others behind
The third task tested if the knight was just
Doj saved a village from societal bust
The fourth task I tell you demanded technique
His bō staff skills were completely on fleek
The fifth task required a true loyalty
Doj pledged allegiance to the royalty
The final task was the greatest one yet
They had to go out with a seasoned vet
They made for Head Island via the sea
For they’d made a deal with Head Islandry
Laurence led them to a bandit hideout
And told the squires to give them a good clout
Dojima was quickly upon the knaves
And taught them harshly how a knight behaves
Gratefully the Head Islanders gave thanks
As heroes the squires departed the banks
But on the trip back a great storm blew in
And smashed their ship into pieces quite thin
Doj grabbed a log and floated all still
As the storm died down the sight made him ill
But then he spotted someone that was afloat
He went over quick on his makeshift boat
Who should it be but good Phiwah the Prince
He had been wounded his arm was all mince
If Doj left him he would not survive
But Doj and Nneka would surely thrive
He grabbed the Prince and made his decision
He bound his wound tight and with precision
He navigated them through the rough seas
These same ones were faced by his families
This time he would be the one that would save
Without them he would have seen a young grave
They arrived on the shore half-living half-dead
Doj did love to see the soil of deep red
He carried the Prince who was most unwell
To the nearest town and gave a sharp yell
When he awoke he was praised by the King
It was enough to see Nneka smiling

Part 4:

In time Dojima became commander
He was a legend whom none could slander
Doj and Prince Phiwah became great friends too
Not surprising after what they’d been through
To remember the friends lost to the sea
Doj wore a straw hat most religiously
The Old King grew frail and passed from this land
Phiwah and Nneka rose up hand-in-hand
Soon after Queen Nneka had her first child
And she had a spirit most playfully wild
Doj took one look at the tiny child hither
And swore on his life that he would protect her
But tragedy leered out from stillness
The wonderful child was lost to illness
Nneka was never the same from then on
Never would she hear that small voice say mom
But another would, a young spritely son
She was restored by this spirited one
Doj made this boy his personal mission
He would raise him in perfect condition
This boy was a marvel. Nebu: his name
He had the wit of his mother like flame
He had the charm of his father the King
He had the skill of Dojima’s teaching
Although the boy was not Dojima’s son
He treated the boy as if he were one
Nneka and Phiwah led the Nosish well
And Dojima made sure their enemies fell
The land was strong and the folk did rejoice
If only the boy had not made that choice

Part 5:

Nebu grew tired of the land full of peace
He sought the outside and knowledge increase
As a young man he left for Head Island
None could know of the ending so violent
Nebu was taken in by one named Chang
A villain! Scoundrel! Covered in blang-blang!
He corrupted young Prince Nebu’s fine mind
“Take the riches! Leave family behind!”
Nebu returned with venomous drink
And poisoned his parents without a blink
Dojima arrived too late to try mend
Nneka was drowsy her life near its end
“Nneka! My Queen! I must tell you this now…”
“Dojima, don’t worry. I’ve always known how…”
And then her light faded, heart unemployed
Dojima convulsed his heart lay destroyed
Nebu stood over his master and said
“Go now, it would be better if you fled.
I know that you will not become my tool.
If you wish to live, leave this place, old fool.”


Dojima saw blood and rushed for Flockboast
He sought the head of Chang which he would roast
Once he found a chance to make Chang’s blood spill
But just before he went in for the kill
The daughter of Nneka appeared to him
She said: “Doj, we’ve lost enough life and limb.”
Dojima left, enough of defiling
He only sought to see Nneka smiling
Dojima wandered endlessly each day
Until one of them he found a new way
He stumbled into a strange village town
With dozens gathered and all wearing frowns
An old woman pointed at him and spake:
“Ah Yes! He’s the one. Him! Make no mistake!”
Rosebush could see in him a strong heart
One that had endured much more than fair part
That day Dojima became 38
A weapon master of skill truly great
His technique was rivalled by none yet seen
That was until he met one girl named Jean
Nneka’s daughter would have been the same age
Dojima helped her come out of her cage
And after training dear Jean for a while
He saw a new yet familiar smile