FAT49 Mini – Creatures

In the Gnome Archipelago on Hat Island in the Gix Mountain Range at the Prestigious School of Assorted Magix on Creation Crescent in the Life Building on the Column Floor (thus named because of several columns) sat three created lives. The first to be created was a reticent duck that was created for the sole purpose of discovering whether ducks could be anything other than reticent. It turns out they can be angry. The second was a large mosquito without antenna or wings created thus as a joke. The third one, an octopus, was created with an extra long tentacle for various purposes. They sat at a table on the Column Floor enjoying a cup of tea… they each had their own cups of tea, they weren’t, like, sharing one.
created-lives“Good day for it, wouldn’t you say?” said the octopus. The angry duck was too angry to say anything. He was contemplating the mess of feelings and emotions that came with being a profanely created life never to have true siblings, family or kindred aside from the abominations sitting at the table with him. The mosquito said nothing. She was a mosquito and couldn’t speak.
“So, these protests. Rather crazy, wouldn’t you say?” said the octopus. His fellow creatures didn’t comment. One of them was still contemplating angry things and the other thought he looked quite tasty.
“I mean, I know we shouldn’t think like this but with all the wizards distracted it gives us a lovely bit of free reign. I’m rather fed up with handing wizards their tea from another room because they can’t stand the sight of me. I mean I should be their Adam but instead I’m more like the fallen ange…”
The angry duck shot him an angry look. He didn’t like either plagiarism or intertextuality but it was unclear which.
“No, no, you’re quite right. We should be thankful. Don’t bite the hand that created you and all that. I concede to you, my good sir.” The octopus was too polite for his own good. But, he couldn’t help it. He was created that way after all. The mosquito took a big swig of her tea and pretended it was blood. She had been created a vegetarian but there was something about blood that just seemed right to her.
“How is your tea? I hope it’s sweet enough. You take 13 right? Oh, but just in case I’ll grab some more sugar from the pantry. I’ll just stretch over quickly.” The octopus’s long arm extended out of sight.
“Have you noticed the tides?” the octopus said, “They’re a bit strange at the moment. I can’t imagine why. It’s hardly the season for it.”He often liked to talk about the sea as if he were a connoisseur even though he had never so much as touched it. He had been created in the Life Building and lived in the Life Building. All the creatures had magixal runes (tattoos) on their bodies that prevented them from leaving the Life Building grounds. These runes (tattoos) were put into place as a counter measure after the escape of a particularly nightmarish creature. The angry duck sipped loudly.
“Well!” the octopus said. The herbivorous blood lust mosquito sipped hers too.
“I say!” the octopus exclaimed. “Oh, who am I fooling? Neither of you are saying anything. Oh, sentience, wherefore art though mine when I’m encompassed by those so lacking.” Just then something caught his large eye.
“Oh! Is that a box!”
“Shut up and drink your damn tea.” said the angry duck.
“Apologies, sir. You’re quite right. Mind your own business and all that.”
They sat in silence for a while. The octopus’s arm returned with a large container of salt.
“Oh, bother!” said the octopus. “If only I could create myself an eyeball on the end of this arm. Salt anyone?”
“Wait!” the angry duck shouted. “Whose to say we can’t create?”
“You say the wizards are in disarray!?” the duck screeched.
“Come my kindred abominations. To our birthplace.”
“To do what? My good sir.” the octopus asked in a high-pitched voice.
“What? I don’t know. What do you call the profane creation of a profane creation?”


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