FAT49 #26 – Box!

“And so, she says we should just scrap magix altogether and start over!” said the one under-wizard.
“Far out!” said his comrade.
“Hey! Did you hear something?”
“Nah, it was just that box in the middle of the courtyard. Nothing to worry about.”
“Ah, you’re probably right. So, then she said…”
The box edged forward slowly. As it snuck passed the two under-wizards it stopped at a three pronged fork in the road. It stepped on the fork and cursed loudly. Just kidding. The box didn’t know which way to go. It looked left. It looked right. It looked… centre? Is that a direction? It pondered this for a moment. Then it made up its mind and went left. After all, it’s always left.

You see, the Prestigious School of Assorted Magix was divided into three main faculties.
Creation, on the left.
Destruction, on the right.
Alteration, on the… middle… on the centre? Why can’t those prepositions just match up!?
Leftly, Creation.
Rightly, Destruction.
Centrely, Alteration.
At the entrance to the school the paths of magix split into three streets each representing these faculties. Each street was lined with buildings specialising in a specific study associated with that faculty. But, these streets and buildings were stranger than you could imagine, providing you have no imagination.
When one thinks of a street dedicated to creative magix one might expect benevolent aged wizards floating about and growing plants out of bricks. The truth is much peculiarer! For all manner of things are created in this street. If one went to the Life Magix building one could find wondrous creatures and hideous monstrosities! In fact, it is commonly believed that a particularly nightmarish creature escaped its confines and fled to Perpetuum’s forest. Next door to that is the Environment Magix building which concerns itself with the creation of places. It has rooms for snowy tundras, lush forests, flaming volcanoes, sunny beaches, harmattan plains, grassy velds and other such impossible rooms. For some reason, people have gone there to engage in street fights, saying that the backgrounds provide a pleasurable ambience. It is said that Hat Island itself was created by the Environment Magix department. Of course, we know this not to be true. Perpetuum himself created all the islands but the arrogant magixians will not be argued with when their ego is at stake. Next we will find the Artefact Magix building. Just about anything and everything has been created here. Useful tools, holy talismans, heinous talismans, religiously neutral talismans, vehicles, crockery, clothes, cupboards of varying sizes, even weapons. Some say that Vis, Valiant’s legendary weapon was created by the Artefact department. Some say many things.


None of those things mattered to the box, who went straight down the street without even a sideways glance. It maintained its centreways focus. All was well for this box until it bumped into a patrolling under-wizard.
“Hey! This box just moved!” the under-wizard shouted. The box quivered fearfully.
“A moving box?” said a surprised under-wizard.
“Genius!” said another.
“I saw it first.” said the originally bumped under-wizard.
“I’m doing my dissertation on that moving box. It’s ingenious. The perfect combination of artefact and life! Why didn’t we think of animating inanimate objects before?” said the initially surprised under-wizard.
“Giving life to the lifeless? You speak of unspeakable horrors. Such a creation would be a wretched devil!” said the under-wizard primarily known as ‘another’.
“You betray your ignorance and prejudice compatriot! Why would you drive me from this joy for no misdeed?”
“Begone! I will not hear you!”
“How can I move thee?”
The box slipped away before they noticed and copyright could be further infringed.

All three streets: Creation Crescent, Alteration Avenue and Destruction Drive lead to Gix hall. This hall was created, altered, destroyed and then recreated by Gix many an eon ago. It was Gix who founded this school and established the three faculties. This happened after he arrived at the Gix mountain range. It was named something before but none of the indigenous Hat Islanders survived the first encounter with Gix and the name has thus been lost in the annals of history. Oh, and an entire culture. But, hey it’s not like they’ll be complaining.

The box reached the end of the street. However, Gix hall was surrounded by that which is most dangerous to a heavy object: a crowd of angry young people. The box could be thrown at any moment. Wait, that was it! The box ran full speed into a tall and muscular looking under-wizard.
“What’s this?” said the jacked under-wizard. “A large object? I shall use it as a projectile of truth! Try and ignore us now!” He lobbed the box with much gusto.
It crashed through a window and ripped open whereupon Jack the Tipper rolled out of it.
“Box. Works every time.” Jack smiled.
He stood up and sneaked quietly over to his bag which had been sent flying. Within it were several cupcakes.
“Oh, what was the incantation again?” Jack mumbled as he drank a small glowing vial.
“Ah, it’s written it down! Ahem.
That thy hath changed tis true
That I’mth deranged tis too
For I speak to pastries
Now, revert back to you!”
There was a loud belching sound as the several cupcakes in the bag turned back into their original shapes. Jack was joined by the bakawk, Siphokazi, Dojima, Heart, Reza, Responsiblity and Vanilla. Oh, that one actually was a cupcake.
“Salvatora be praised.” Dojima prayed grimly.
“Oh, come on Doj! Don’t say you had so little faith in Jack!” Jack laughed.
“Dankie tog jy het dit neer geskryf.” Reza breathed.
“Jack would have remembered!” Jack protested.
“P…p..p..pardon me!” The party turned around.
A rather distraught looking wizard-type stood shakily before them. “If… if you plan to damage this hall in any way I’ll…”
“Where are the proper wizards?” Jack asked, completely ignoring her. Her heart broke at being labeled an ‘improper wizard’. “Th… they’re on lunch break.” she said tearily.
“What, all of them?”
“It was someone’s birthday so they all went to… never mind that! W… what do you want?”
“We’re here to see the seer.” Siphokazi said.
“Do you have an appointment?”
“We do not.” Siphokazi conceded.
“You wouldn’t possibly be good guys who are out to save the world and need to see the seer in order to do so.”
“It’s not abundantly clear that we are good guys.” Siphokazi said.
“Are you trying to restore balance?”
“Not really.”
“Are you trying to prevent a war?”
“Well, no.”
“A magix war?”
“Well, then I don’t think…”
“We really want to see the seer.” Jack attempted.
“That’s not a good enough…”
“Really, really.” Jack emphasised.
“You’ve convinced me. Come this way.”




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