FAT49 #23 – In Transit

The Desert Flower is a giant plant-like organism that reflects the sun’s light. Long ago, my people found out how to harness its power. They transformed it from one of nature’s most radiant beauties into a weapon of mass destruction. With it they attempted to separate the Desert from Head Island. And, they would have done it too if it weren’t for those meddling ki… uh the great dragon of Eye Land (or as it was known back then, Eye Mountain). The Desert Flower was destroyed by the great dragon. However, two seeds remained. One went to the Jul and the other to the E’ni. The seed bearers forged a treaty. They swore never to use the flower so long as the other did the same.
“What will become of the Jul now that the treaty is broken?” Beardface exclaimed over the buzzing of Gregor and Peter’s wing beats.
“I don’t know.” Jean said. “I never thought anyone would be foolish enough to cast the first stone.”
“Did the treaty mention anything about what would happen next?”
“Yes, if it’s broken they’re supposed to have a meeting at Jul’Dor.”
“Is that our destination?”
“No. Only the elders are allowed to go there. We’re to go protect our flower. I’m still young and… well, I’m not very well known in my homeland. Nunchaku mastery isn’t a skill that’s very sought after there.”
“I know what it is not to be appreciated by those you love.”
“It’s not that bad! I mean, they still love me and stuff. They just don’t understand what I do. They also find it hard to see it as worthwhile.”
“An all too familiar bitterness.”
Peter and Gregor looked at each other and shrugged. They both studied Insectanities which was highly prestigious among their fellow insects.
“Beardface, I realise I’ve never asked you. Where are you from?”
“Beard Island.” Beardface said.
“Do you have family there?”
“Yes, a rather large one.”
“Do you have a good relationship with them?”
“Well, they didn’t understand when I went to learn words. They never accepted me when I returned speaking the tongue of the Beard Islanders.”
“They spoke something else?”
“They were wolves. I was adopted later by bears. But, I was captured one day by some Beard Islanders who forced their ways onto me. I tried to go back to my family afterwards but they wouldn’t accept me. I was tainted to them.”
“That… that’s terrible.”
“Of course, I was never really accepted by the Beard Islanders either…”
Peter and Gregor looked at each other. The overshare alert was pinging. So, they spoke to each other about the various problematic problems that problematised themselves at their institution of higher education. Peter and Gregor were on a brief sabbatical. This was due to some protests happening at their institution of higher education. They were protesting against something the author couldn’t quite put into words. It was about something large that needed to come down or something. Trees? Bees? Cheese? One couldn’t be certain with these radical types especially BA (Bug of Arts) students.

Back in a certain Snuey’s softly glowing armpit,
“We always called it the Solar Lyre.” Jack chattered, his body still mostly frozen.
“I know of it as Perpetuum’s Bloom.” Dojima said.
“Ons noem dit die Skei Boom. Dis my oupa wat dit gekeer het.” Reza said.
“I’ve… never heard of it…” Heart said shyly. Dojima tutted his disapproval and said,
“Do they still read books these days?” in Heart’s direction.
“That depends on who ‘they’ are.” Siphokazi said without looking up from her book. “And, yes. It was all of the above that struck the ship. Or, rather, nicked the ship.”
“Nicked?” Jack said.
“Had Felix not deflected it at the last second, for that is surely what he did, we would be nothing but vapour. A glancing blow is all it took to annihilate our ship.”
“What about Felix?” Jack asked. “He survived, right?”
“Any non-main character would have died instantly.” Siphokazi said matter-of-factly. “Taking his plot armour into account and the presence of his name in the title of this story, I doubt he died.”
“Phew, that puts my mind at ease.”
“However, this could be one of those stories where the main character dies and his death motivates the others to carry on his will.”
“So, I’m… I’m not certain at all.” Siphokazi said glumly.
“Hey, come on everyone!” Jack said cheerily. “We’re talking about Felix here. He’s the cat that beat all the masters by himself! He won’t let a little continent separating beam of destruction ruin his day! Would you? Jack bets it’s just a matter of time before we see him again.”
Reza seemed irrevocably depressed. Her mind was clearly on something unclear. Jack noticed this and tried to cheer her up by making stupid faces.
The methodical muted booms of the Snuey’s footsteps slowed. The party shifted on the fluffy feathers as it came to a halt.


Snueys are very secretive creatures. This is as a result of their mass culling on the part of those who favour their delicious flesh and comfortable feathers. One would think this would make them antisocial and for the most part this is true. I know I would if someone who having eaten my entire family suddenly tried to make amends. However, Snueys still believe in being good Samaritans and help out others where they can. After doing so, they use their memory altering magix to make those they helped forget about them. This is exactly what happened to our friends. They stood at the entrance to the Prestigious School of Assorted Magix quite perplexed as to how they got there as a giant bird vanished into the blizzard unseen and unremembered. One that sought no reward or ideal but a temporary lapse from their usual routine.




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