FAT49 #20 – Chuckles the Adamant

“Indeed, it is. The legendary multi-sician. Said to be able to play all instruments, at once.” Siphokazi said.
“I could.” Chuckles said, turning in their direction. “But, I don’t feel like it.”
Dojima’s eyes narrowed. “How can you be certain he isn’t a fake.” As if in response, the piano he was playing turned into a marimba in a flash of light. Jack’s jaw dropped so low it clicked.
“We seek Valiant the Aforementioned. Perhaps you could help us?” Felix said. But, Chuckles, much like most of the people the author tells about this blog, totally ignored him.
“Oh, wait!” Felix realised. ” We’ve got a sweet potion!”

“What’s it do?” Chuckles said eyeing the volatile looking bottle at a table back at Dizzy’s Oasis.
“We aren’t sure. A ghost gave it to us instead of dying.”
“Ghosts huh?” Chuckles said and pocketed it. “So, what do you want to know about ol’ Val?”
“First of all, how is it that your instrument changes like Vis, Valiant’s mighty weapon?” Felix asked.
“Oh, man. You’re all out of the loop aren’t ya.” Chuckles sighed. “Okay, kids. Sit back and allow me to tell ya the story of Heroes.”

#20 Chuckles and SIF

He played a tune as BGM and somehow the instrument even produced backing vocals.
“I’m sure you’re all familiar with SIF.”
“Of course, the deities of the old world.” Siphokazi said.
“That’s right. Salvatora, Immolon and Fred. Now, I don’t claim to know much about them but this is what I heard from Fred.”
“You met Fred? Impossible!” Dojima said hotly.
“Believe it, grampa.” Chuckles said.
“I’m not old.”
“Bro, can I finish? I’d much rather be with the Dats Les Locons. They know how to appreciate music.”
“Please, go ahead.” Felix said. Dojima sat back down however he was casting enough shade to make the roof redundant.
“So, back when I was a bakawk…”
“Bakawk!” the bakawk said in solidarity.
“Bakawk!” Chuckles agreed. “I was like any typical bakawk. Whenever the Hopping Port showed up I’d get the urge to go there. I ended up traveling over most of the Gnome Archipelago chasing after it. On my travels I was exposed to all kinds of music. The other bakawks didn’t appreciate it like I did. One day, we were all on an urge, which is what we used to call it back then,” the bakawk agreed and noted that nowadays they call it a ‘tempt’. “I heard a wonderfully melodious sound coming from the ocean. It was so beautiful that I broke out of my urge and gazed seaward. I couldn’t ignore it.” the bakawk shrugged at this. “Fred was passing by…”
“Deities don’t ‘pass by’!” Dojima spat. A nearby patron complained to Dizzy that his tea tasted salty all of a sudden.
“Well, back then they did. You should remember. It was only a century ago. Anyway, Fred passed by and spoke to me. But even a deity couldn’t distract me from this wonderful sound. He was impressed that I had overcome my fundamental nature in order to pursue something I loved. So, he made a Hero.”

#20 Chuckles the Bakawk

“Like Valiant?”
“No, Valiant is a Hero of Salvatora.”
“So, yes?”
“Well, Salvatora’s like Lawful Good, Immolon’s would be Chaotic Evil and Fred’s everything in between. I like being in between ya know. It’s like I have no obligations either way. Freedom. Not too mention I can wear whatever I want. The other guys have dress codes. Mission!”
“Ah, kk.”
“This baby.” Chuckles said as he strummed his instrument. “Is Myu. Fred gave Myu to me when I became a Hero. We’ve been together ever since.”
“A fascinating tale.” Siphokazi said as she finished making notes.
“Believe it or don’t believe it. It makes no difference to me.” Chuckles said and downed the last bit of his Rooibos Tea.
“Wait. Wait. Please!” Jack said. “M…M…M…Mr the Adamant, could Jack get your autograph? Please sir!?”
“For an adoring fan? I’ll one up an autograph.” He reached up and plucked a feather out of his head and handed it to Jack. “I’ll see you cats later.” Chuckles said. “Playtime’s never over.” He vanished into the large throng of Dats Les Locons who welcomed him back with hearty cheers.
“How fascinating to meet another Hero.” Siphokazi said.
“You’ve met others?” Felix asked.
“Just one. Grimoire the Grimoire, the assistant-chief librarian at the Library. Although, our meeting was rather unintentional and awkward. I accidentally opened him…”
“‘Fred was passing by’, Pah!” Dojima said in a mild rage. “No respect, these days!”
“What were the old days like, before the Weapon age?”
“I’m 37!” Dojima shouted. “But, my father’s father told him of it. It was a time when heroes didn’t carry weapons. Of course, that all changed when the Slain came.”
“A world without weapons?” Felix thought. “Why don’t we make it so?”
“It would leave more time for reading.” Siphokazi said.
“I’m getting too old for all this fighting anyway. Not that I’m old.” Dojima said.
“Bakawk!” the Bakawk said.
“Wapens bring net pyn.” Reza said.
“Responsibility.” Responsibility said.
“Yes. Our responsibility.” Felix said.
“Great, but who’s responsible for this ever so big big bill?” Dizzy Lion asked.
“We mustn’t tarry!” Felix said bolting off toward the Queens Own Galleon.
“I’m right behind you!” they all called.
Responsibility covered the tab.
They climbed the ropes to QOG and set off straight away. The Dats Les Locons greeted them cheerfully, dancing all the while, as they vanished into the distance.
“They’ll be back soon soon I say.” Dizzy Lion said.
“I hope so too, I shall pray.”said Rabid Pukeko.
“Nah, they forgot their shoes, lol.”

“Evermore they encroach upon our land. They shall fall before the might of…”
“Hey, I brought your tea.”
“Mom! I was making my first appearance!”
“Huh, oh sorry. By the way. Don’t forget to clean this throne room it’s a mess.”
“I’m serious. I didn’t raise you to live like a sand pig.”
“Mom, I’m trying to end the chapter on a enigmatic note.”
“Uuuh, you wouldn’t understand.”
“Oh of course, It’s not like I’ve been running the whole Jul kingdom since before you were born or any…”
“MOM! You’ve basically given away our mysterious identity!”
“Well, I’m sorry. But you should let me know when you’re starring in a famous story or something so I know to act all serious.”
“It’s not like that.”
“Well, it’s not like super famous.”
“What, we’re not good enough for Tolkien?”
“So, what is it?”
“Well, its like a blog.”
“A what?”
“Ah, mom, you wouldn’t understand.”
“Sorry, mom, but I’m in the middle of something here. Could you please leave? Please.”
“Not even a thank you? I’ve had people executed for less.”
“Sorry. Thanks mom. No one makes tea like you.”
“Sigh. Ahem. Yes, they shall fall this n…”
“Oh, I forgot your rusks.”



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