FAT49 #18 – The Queen’s Own Galleon

The eastern beach of Eye Land was quite lovely. During the day Eye Land became much less spooky, which was likely due to the fact that the ghosts were all napping.
“We’re less scary during the day.” One ghost was quoted saying, “No point going out without a good chance of a scare. Might as well have a nap.”
The Queen’s Own Galleon was a magnificent ship. It shone with the light of a thousand polishes. It wasn’t that it was adorned in any fancy baubles or sparkly thingies or even that the ship was massive and expertly crafted. What stood out about this boat was that it floated not on the water but above it.
Yes, The Queen’s Own Galleon was built from wisp wood, the super-buoyant timber.
An honour guard attended them at the quay. The nose stood by the gangway with a venerable knight beside him.
“Your rest was satisfactory.” the nose said, not asked.
“I haven’t had a catnap like that in ages.” Felix said. I Shall Not Makes Puns fainted and tumbled into the river.
“My back hasn’t felt this good in ages!” Dojima said and then added. “I’m not old.”
“Good. Good. Now, allow me to introduce you to our finest knight who will be accompanying you on your journey. Responsibility.”
“Responsiblity.” Responsibility accorded.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Felix polited. “I look forward to getting to know you better.” Responsibility nodded powerfully.
“Alas, the Queen could not attend. She is engaged elsewhere but she sends her regards.” the nose said.
“That’s a pity.” Jack said. “I would have liked to brush up on my Dragon Tongue.”
“Hngengenge.” the nose snorted. “Only the descendants of the Dragons themselves can speak Dragon Tongue, dear boy. I myself only have asymmetric language competence.”
“Issit? Dis nie so moeilik nie.” Jack said. The Knights of Virtue gasped in astonishment.
“… w… w… well, it’s hardly the Queen’s Dragonish.” The nose said reassuringly to the astounded knights.
“Excuse me,” called a rather bored and disgruntled looking person from the boat, “I’d like to get this over and done with ASAP I’ve got another three to do before lunch.”

#18 Queen's Own Galleon

“Hoist the bit with the wind grabbing thing on it!” bellowed the learner captain. “Baton down the bits that would otherwise let water in!” he added.
“It’s typical that we’d get a learner.” Dojima complained.
“We’re all learners, Dojima-san.” Siphokazi said.
The river churned and sloshed crashing up and bubbling over the..
“Shut up!” Jack said to the author as he was feeling quite ill.
The pleasant lake was calm serenity in liquid form.
“Ah, better.” Jack said with relief.
But then a strange wind caused the boat to bounce unexpectedly causing Jack to…
“No! Don’t do it.” Jack cried.
… causing Jack to thank Salvatora that he took those sea-sickness pills.
“Ah.” Jack said thankfully.
The side effects of which included vomiting.
Felix strolled around the ship, taking in the experience. The learner captain was trying his best, his textbook at the ready. His captaining instructor looked to have experience with boredom. Dojima was meditating peacefully on the bow of the ship. Siphokazi was reading. It was the time allotted “Reading” on her timetable. Of course, she also read during, Work, Entertainment,Break and in the 5 minute break between sessions. The chief librarians expected you to read a book a day. It is said the Chiefest of Librarians read War and Peace in twelve minutes and four seconds.  Jack was stumbling around awkwardly trying to get his balance. Felix looked over the side of the ship and admired the beauty of the River Spectacular. He felt a tad hungry and was surprised to find a fish jump out of the river in front of him.
“Eat me, fish-kin friend!” It said cheerfully. Perhaps, the first Arc wasn’t a waste, Felix thought as he swallowed the delicious fish.
But then, just when things seemed that they would be peaceful and serene, things continued to be peaceful and serene.
After Jack had freed the butterflies he lay spread eagle on the deck. Felix walked up to him and got comfortable on his chest alongside the bakawk.
Siphokazi finished her daily book and got up to do some exploring herself.
She ventured down into the bowels of the ship. The further down she went the larger it became. She passed an aromatic galley that clinked and clanked with the sounds of crockery and sizzled with the sound of preparation. She also passed a bathroom, a sauna, an ice rink, an observatory, a gym and a museum before taking a turn into the gallery which had some lovely artworks from southern Head Island on display. She admired a painting of a tree. Just then she heard a creak behind her. But of course when in a gallery one ignored such things.
“Dis lekker, né?” said a small voice beside her. ‘Twas the Queen!
“Your majesty, what are you doing here?”
“Reza.” the Queen said.
“I’m sorry?”
“Ek is Reza.” the Queen insisted.
“Alright. Reza it is.” Siphokazi smiled. “I’m Siphokazi.” she said holding out her hand in greeting.
“Zi!” Reza said.
“Well, actually…”
“Zi!”Reza said again with a twinkle in her eye.
“Uh, fair enough.” Siphokazi said, not wanting to break the poor child’s heart. She turned back to the painting.”So, what do you see in this image?” she asked.
“‘n Boom.” Reza said brightly.
“I was thinking the same thing. And what about you?” She asked Responsibility who had been surreptitiously standing by a nearby painting and not really looking at it.
“Yes, you, Responsibility.” Responsibility walked up to the painting and inspected it deeply.
“What do you see?”
“Hmm, I suppose you could argue that. The roots are responsible for sucking up nutrients and anchoring the tree, the trunk and branches are responsible for structure while the leaves are responsible for absorbing sunlight which makes the tree grow. Of course, you could just be projecting.”
“Ek stem.” Reza agreed.



“…which is why I’m uncertain of the ending. Should I go for the action-packed climax which would contradict the tone of the majority of the thing or should I go for the hopeless romantic …” the nose paused. “… My Queen? You’ve been awfully quiet. My Que… WHAT! What are you doing here, Impersonating The Queen When She Needs A Break From Castle Life?”
“Impersonating The Queen When She Needs A Break From Castle Life.” Impersonating The Queen When She Needs A Break From Castle Life said.
“I did not foresmell this eventuality!” the nose cried.
I Shall Not Make Puns wasn’t 100% sure if that would be defined as a pun or a character specific extended metaphor but decided to throw himself into the river for good measure.




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