FAT49 #11 – Boss: F.O.T. Chang

“Chang, will you tell us where Valiant is?” Felix asked.
“By Perpetuum, it does talk.” Chang waved his hand.
“Flagnork!” Flagnork said and flexed his muscles menacingly.
“A Flagnork! They’re super rare! I’ve got to catch it!” Grgl said.
“My magix will not work on the cats but I’ll have my fun with the others.” Henry laughed.
“Now will you fight, Felix?” Bloop said impatiently.
“So be it.” Felix said.

Battle Theme Song: Let Me Blow You A Kiss (Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi)


Enemy Turn
F.O.T. Chang uses Hateful Words – Party’s END down
Flagnork uses Flex – Flagnork’s DMG up
Henry uses Maniacal Cackle – Henry’s MGX up

Party Turn
Jean uses Nunchaku Strike – Deals 10 DMG to Flagnork
Beardface uses Axe Swing – Deals 15 DMG to Flagnork
Bloop uses Flipper Kick – Deals 6 DMG to Flagnork
Grgl uses Read Up – Discovers Flagnork is weak to ICE
Ranaweyt uses Ysela – INTERCEPT – Henry uses Deflect Magix (the attack is deflected onto a nearby sleeping Sycophant who turns into an ice cream)
Felix uses Claw Flurry – Deals 10, 10, 10 DMG to Flagnork

“I hate fighting. There’s no money in it.” Chang said.
“There’s more to life than your profits, Chang!” Bloop shouted.
“To live is to make profit, otherwise you are simply another loss.” Chang said.

Enemy Turn
F.O.T. Chang uses Flash Some Cash – A herd of greedy sycophants rush past dealing 20 DMG to ALL (except himself)
Flagnork uses Smash- Felix dodges
Henry uses Vurela – Deals 25 DMG to Beardface

Party Turn
Jean uses Encouraging Words – Party DMG & END up
Beardface uses Bear Bash – JAKUTEN – Deals 20(+25) DMG to Flagnork
Bloop uses Flipper Kick – Deals 8 DMG to Flagnork
Grgl uses Wimpy Punch – Deals 1 DMG to Flagnork and 5 DMG to himself
Ranaweyt uses Ysela – Deals 50 DMG to Flagnork – FROZEN
Felix uses Feline Gaze – Henry is challenged to a staring contest and loses – Henry is stunned

“Chang, we have no quarrel with you. All we want is to find Valiant.” Felix said.
“Ah yes, Valiant. I hated him.”

Enemy Turn
F.O.T. Chang uses Dosh Dagger – Deals 100 DMG to Beardface – Beardface incapacitated
Flagnork frozen
Henry stunned

Party Turn
Jean is distracted
Beardface is incapacitated
Bloop uses Flipper Kick – Deals 8 DMG to Flagnork
Grgl uses Squid Stew – Beardface is revived
Ranaweyt uses Ysela – ICE-ICE COMBO (SHATTER) – Flagnork dead
Felix uses Swift Claw – JAKUTEN – Deals 20(+23) DMG to Henry – Henry Incapacitated

“Give it up, Chang. Tell us what we want to know and we’ll be on our way.” Felix said.
“I really hate you for making me have to step in.” Chang hissed. “By the way, do you know what F.O.T. stands for?”

Enemy Turn
F.O.T. Chang uses Invest on himself – F.O.T. Chang’s DMG, END, AGI, WIT, JKT, MGX up
The investment attracts the greedy sycophants – F.O.T. Chang is protected by a wall of greedy sycophants

Jean uses Nunchaku Strike – INTERCEPT – Deals 10 DMG to Wall of Sycophants
Beardface uses Wolf Slash – INTERCEPT – Deals 15 DMG to Wall of Sycophants
Bloop uses Flipper Kick – COUNTER – F.O.T. Chang counters with Bankrupt – Bloop dead

“Forever on top.”

Grgl’s mind goes still, still enough to reflect with powerfully calm clarity.




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