FAT49 #8 – Rebellious Thunder

F.O.T. Chang sat atop the roof of Strut A and watched as two of his associates (or underlings as he preferred) fought to the death. He couldn’t remember why he had forced them to fight each other but it didn’t matter, he hated them. He hated the beverage he had just been handed by a person the feeling he felt for whom was hate. It was a hateful evening with a hatefully beautiful sunset set against a pretty sky he could not help but feel fond hate toward. If he had his way he’d sell the whole lot for the only thing he ever truly not-hated: money. He grimaced as one of the underlings used a perfectly timed shoryuken, Chang hated that move. Just then a bright bolt of energy zigzagged violently through the sky before exploding into the impressive and recently completed B-C connecting bridge. F.O.T. Chang rubbed his beard.
“Fetch me whatever that was.” He said in a voice liked oiled nudity.
It looked like something exciting might happen for a change. Not that he didn’t hate that sort of thing. With a wave of his hand a large red monstrosity beside him picked up and ate the surviving underling.

Seconds before…

“Oh good, you made it through.” said a suspicious butler.
“Do you doubt me?” said another suspicious butler.
“Wha… of course not, sister.” said the initially suspicious butler.
“We’ll need to find another disguise. They’ll get suspicious if they see butlers in the Business Strut.” said the sister of the initially suspicious butler.
“Don’t worry about it. I know where there’s a storage room where they keep Business Strut maintenance suits.”
“Do you have the keys?”
“Do you doubt me?” he said holding up the sparkling danglers. Together the suspicious and evidently related butlers strode along the B-C connecting bridge at a pace that somehow mixed attempted nonchalance and conspiratorial skulking. “You know,” said bro, “this is a really nice bridge. It looks way better than the C-Q connecting bridge.”
And then there was a sudden loud crack with a fair amount of sparkles.

Seconds before that, at a similar altitude…

“On a scale of 1 to problematic, how safe do you think this is?” Jean shouted against the high winds atop the Last Mast. Beardface was the last to climb up, his axe still embedded in the wood.
“Hoo!” he breathed. “Aha! The city of greed.”
“Built on the broken backs of beggars they crushed themselves.” Felix said.
“I can definitely see the city!” Jean shouted. “But, I don’t think I can jump that far.”
“There’ll be no need for that.” Felix said smiling. Ranaweyt’s eyes flashed as he spoke for the first time in a sonorous voice.

Lightning that denies high fight
Do not deny the platypus egg
Bite until the light cries night
Trouble bubbles from rubble

CRACK! Sparkle. Sparkle.

#8 Flock V2

Earlier that day.

“A damn fine job, I reckon.” said Builder A.
“You got that right. It took blood, sweat and tears but, here it is, on time too.” said Builder B.
“Hey, look who it is!” said Builder A.
“Afternoon, gentlemen! Wonderful job! I can’t believe we made the deadline.” said Architect A.
“It was a damn pleasure building this bridge, it truly is your masterpiece.” said Builder A.
“Oh! I’ll make sure to tell the others.” Architect A said in reference to Architects B and C, in absentia. “But, without you this would have remained a dream. It’s our masterpiece.”
“You know, we may have had our differences at first but you’re not so bad, after all.” said Builder B.
“What matters now is that the bridge is built. Come on friends, I’ll treat you to Omnom’s.” said Architect A.
“I won’t say no to Omnom!” said Builder A.
“Neither will I!” said Builder B.
“Haha! Then let’s go!” said Builder C who had overheard the conversation and arrived just in time to make good use of the generous spirit.
“Let this bridge stand forever as a monument to the amicable relationship between builders and architects!”

Rebellious Thunder Theme Song: Self vs. Self (ft. In Flames) – Pendulum




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