FAT49 #2 – Oh, Valiant, where you at?

Valiant the Aforementioned was the greatest hero of an era. Slaying the foulest monstrosity of an era tends to do that for you. But, very little was known about him for he disappeared soon after slaying the Slain.
There were countless rumours about where he had gone and why but the masters strongly believed one in particular. This rumour held that Valiant was actually a fish and had swum back to the ocean. Just kidding. They believed Valiant was adored by all but that adoration soon became expectation. They believed the people became too reliant on Valiant and forgot their own strength. Valiant, in his heroism, sought solitude that the people might discover their strength once again. Of course, it was just a rumour. There was also one about him being in love with a cave.

“I say we should head up the west coast.” said Thomas the Glass-Eyed.
“I disagree. Valiant would avoid the west if he wanted solitude. It is the most populated region.” said Siphokazi the Sharp.
“He would surely seek out the forests.” said Anisha the Sickle-Wielder.
“That’s insane! He would go to Beard Island past the mountains and seek out the solitary isles.” said Jack the Tipper.
“You have all neglected the deserts of the north. If Valiant truly wanted to be alone, that would be his destination.” said Jacques the Scarred.
“Perhaps, he’s laying low on Nose Island. He could be hiding in the hills.” said Matthew the Hand.
“Here’s a question,” said Phtephen the Thrifty “which island has the least people? Hat island, its obvious…”
“There are more than enough wizards there to bother him.” said Dojima the Silver.
“This is pointless! We’ve reasons for and against every option!” grumbled Beardface the Brash. “We must let Felix decide.” The 49 looked to Felix. He sat with his furry back facing them.

“Felix! What would you have us do?” He did not respond. He continued to stare at the moon for about 13 more seconds before turning to them.
“I say that we seek information. We go to the last place he was seen.” Felix said.
“It would be a logical choice.” said Siphokazi the Sharp. “But, all we have to rely on is hearsay.”
“Well, I’ve just heard a rather compelling rumour from the moon. Supposedly, he was spotted in a nearby city. We shall head north to the city facing the sea to the west with the forest at its back to the east.”
“Ah.” said everyone except Jean the Youthful.
“Sorry, I’m actually still hazy on my geography.” she said. Dojima the Silver tutted disapprovingly and produced a map of the land:

The Gnome Archipelago
Gnome Archipelago Another Version

“Did you draw this yourself?” Jean asked.
“Here!” Dojima snapped handing her a magnifying glass.
“Ah.” Jean said finally. “So, did you draw…”
“Yes. Our first destination,” Felix’s eyes glistened in the luminescent lunar light “…is Flockboast City.”
“Hmm. But, Felix,” Jean said, dampening the the-trail-that-we-blaze-mood with more questions, “if you can speak to the moon why don’t you just ask it where Valiant is?”
“That would be cheating.” said the moon.




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